Fly with Form and Flow!

​​Now that you have the fundamentals under your wing, it's time to really focus on your flight's form and flow. In this weekly class you will continue to strengthen and train your body as you learn the next level of poses, climbs, wraps, locks, and combinations that are possible on aerial fabrics - with a strong emphasis on proper form and smooth transitions to make your flight flow.

​​​​Fabrics: Fundamentals  

​​Practice Makes Perfect!

​​Use this time to practice what you've learned in class - review your skills, polish and perfect your form, and really make your flight flawless! In this supervised flight practice, you can do all of the above! Instructor will be on-site for safety supervision - however, flight practice is not a "class" (meaning you will not be learning any new flight skills during this time) but rather it is a designated 1 hour "practice" time. So come with your notes from class and practice, practice, practice! :)

No Experience Necessary!

​​​​​​Fabrics: First Flight Orientation

Learn the Fundamentals of Aerial Fabrics!

In this weekly class, you will be strengthening and training your body as you learn many of the fundamental poses, climbs, wraps, and locks that are possible on aerial fabrics which will create the foundation you need to advance to the

Next Level of Flight!*
*Next Level of Flight = Fabrics: Form and Flow

PRE-REQUISITE - Must be participating in a weekly Fabrics class at Raven Aerials.

​​Come Take To The Sky for the first time on Aerial Fabrics!!

This 1 hour Introductory First Flight class includes a warm-up, conditioning, basic terminology, skills instruction (with plenty of opportunity for photos), and ends with a gentle cool-down.
Once you've earned your wings in this class, you are ready to soar on to Fabrics: Fundamentals where you will continue to hone your aerial skills and knowledge.

​​​​​​​Fabrics: Supervised Flight Practice

PRE-REQUISITE - Fabrics: First Flight Orientation (1 hr)

PRE-REQUISITE - Must "Test Out" of Fabrics:Fundamentals to advance on to this Next Level of Flight!

​​​​​Fabrics: Form and Flow