Aerial Dance is an offshoot of both Modern Dance and Aerial Arts in which dancers/artists "Take To The Sky" with the use of aerial apparatuses (e.g., Aerial Fabrics aka Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Aerial Sling, Aerial Net, and Aerial Rope just to name a few).

You have probably heard of Cirque du Soleil, right? Or maybe you've even been lucky enough to attend a show! Aerial Dance has Cirque to thank for helping to bolster its ever-growing popularity by blending the circus, dance, and theater & performance worlds into one with their awe-inspiring and spectacular productions. 

Now, Aerial Dance is popping up all over the place from TV Commercials (Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt, Residence Inn by Marriott) to the Grammys (Pink WOWS w/ her Aerial choreography), in Movies (Zookeeper) and even on Broadway (Pippin, Wicked).

So c'mon...what are you waiting for?!? Take To The Sky with us!! ​​

6. Do you offer training on any other aerial apparatuses besides fabrics?

We offer classes to anyone from ages 8 to 108!

3. Do I need to be an all-star athlete or a dancer to do aerials? 

2. Is there an age requirement to take aerial classes?

We recommend form-fitting leggings or training pants that cover the backs of your knees (e.g., yoga pants) with a leotard or bodysuit underneath and a form-fitting t-shirt over top for the additional protection it provides. If not form-fitting, then t-shirts must be long enough to tuck in. 

Necklaces, rings, watches, and bracelets must be removed before class so as not to snag or get caught in the fabrics.

​All hair that is long enough to swing in front of the face must be secured.

Yes! Currently we offer training on Aerial Hoop (aka Lyra), Dance Trapeze, and Aerial Rope (aka Corde Lisse) on a private or semi-private session basis. Interested? Please email or call us to schedule your session. You'll be well on your way to making your dreams of running away and joining the circus come true!! ;)

Nope! No experience is necessary because our aerials program is progressive in nature, meaning that we start small and gradually build UP! You will build strength, agility, stamina, grace, and balance with each and every class. All you NEED is the desire to succeed and a continued commitment to your aerial training, and you'll be well on your way to becoming an aerial all-star athlete/dancer/Supah Star before you know it!

5. How much does it cost?

1. What is Aerial Dance?

4. What should I wear to class?

We offer several different options to get (and keep) you flying!

Commitment Issues? Fear not! You can pay for one (1) class at a time (see below)...

OR you can buy a monthly membership and save a little of your hard-earned cash!

  • First Flight Orientation - Intro Class Pass - $20

          Use this pass for the "Fabrics: First Flight Orientation" class.

  • ​Solo Flight (Drop-In - 1 Class Pass) - $25

         Use this pass for "dropping-in" to a weekly class.​

  • Frequent Flyer: Monthly Membership - $90 

         As a Frequent Flyer Monthly Member, you will be allowed to attend unlimited aerial silks classes (level-appropriate)

         each month for only $90 a month! This means that you could potentially take up to 10 classes per month!

         Do the math; this is a crazy-good deal!

  • Frequent Flyer: Monthly Membership +PLUS Practice+ - $105      

​         As a Frequent Flyer Monthly Member, you will be allowed to attend unlimited aerial silks classes (level-appropriate)

          as well as weekly Supervised Flight Practice sessions each month for only $105 a month! This means that you could

        potentially take up to 10 classes and up to 5 practices per month! Do the math; this is a crazy-good deal!

Click here to see even more passes and pass descriptions as well as membership information and terms.